Photo: Amnesty International 

Photography is the art of fixing moments painted with light. History, an infinite succession of moments, has been painted, read written, by those who have come to hold power, in which, undoubtedly, interests have been nested. Thus, in order to safeguard the latter, history is presented to us in the half-light, that is to say, silencing oppressions and cruelties, using fear as a weapon.

If fear is overcome by conviction, it is essential for the system to avoid convinced people; consequently, it seems natural to encourage credulity and democracy, placed as a backdrop on a stage, has managed to foster that feeling of freedom and participation. However, behind the scenes, the fiercest plutocracy has been evolving, which today has co-opted the majority of the States.

Computer technology, which has also evolved, therefore improves the amount of light to see history, in such a way that an action can be instantly observed or that action is recorded to be repeated and analyzed; in this way the illusion of democracy has been stripped and the claws of cruelty with which plutocracy takes hold day by day have been seen. The fact that, roughly speaking, it can be said that in order to make one person rich, a million people have been brought to misfortune is an absurdity… it offends the conscience of humanity.

For the aforementioned reasons, in any part of the world where group interests are causing opprobrium to a community or a human being, it is the obligation of whoever knows of such a situation to make it known. That curtain of democracy that the plutocracy and its rogue States have given us as reality, injecting dogmas such as State secrecy, treason, espionage, collateral effects… is shattered and in the face of their misfortune, with greater desperation and in an impudent manner, they grant themselves the authority to maintain order no matter what the cost… there are no physical, political or argumentative borders to be respected. This historical moment has already added many, many victims of the plutocracy’s onslaught and today in particular a scaffolding has been structured to terrorize whoever dares to express empathy in the face of the outrages to humanity and even to the planet.

Immolating Julian Assange seems to be the icing on the cake because, given the visibility of his action, he is punished in an exemplary manner for the crime of showing the modus operandi of the United States to subjugate peoples in the name of consolidating democracy in the world… What hypocrisy!… Joining voices to protect the right to truthful information is today an obligation to open the door to justice. Supporting Julian Assange, asking for his freedom, is an act of humanity for humanity.

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