#MissionForLife (#MisiónPorLaVida)

  • Parliamentarians from the United Kingdom and Ireland will participate in the Mission for Life to verify the situation of territorial rights in La Guajira and the Sierra Nevada de Gonawindua.
  • National and international social organizations will be part of this Mission from April 1 to 7, 2022.

March 30, 2022. The persistence of the armed conflict and expansion of extractive activities and megaprojects in three departments: La Guajira, Cesar, and Magdalena, continue to condemn to physical and cultural extermination the Indigenous Peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Gonawindua: Arhuaco, Kankuamo, Wiwa, and Kogui; as well as the Wayuu People and various Afro-descendant communities of La Guajira. This situation will be the subject of the International Verification Mission that will include international parliamentarians and human rights, social and environmental organizations.

The Mission will verify the human rights situation and the non-compliance with national and international commitments for the protection of the ethnic territories of southern La Guajira and the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. This Mission for Life, which will take place from April 1 to 7 in Colombia, will count with the international observation of Parliamentarians from the United Kingdom and Ireland, delegates from Embassies, the UN and British NGOs such as ABColombia and Christian Aid Ireland, who will be accompanied by organizations gathered in the Platform La Guajira Speaks to the Country and Friends of the Sierra.

On April 2-3, the delegation will hear from Afro-Guajira and Wayuu communities that have historically been affected by coal mining in southern La Guajira, as well as organizations that are resisting the expansion of the extractive frontier. Between April 4 and 5, they will meet in the community of Makúmake, Río Seco (Cesar), with traditional and self-government authorities of the Kankuamo, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kogui peoples to Safeguard the Heart of the World through a space for intercultural and intersectoral dialogue with regional and national government entities with the objective of finding routes for action to guarantee the life and good living of the peoples.

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#MisiónPorLaVida (#MissionForLife)


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