We repudiate threats against women leaders and defenders. We demand guarantees for the work of defending human rights.

We repudiate threats against women leaders and defenders. We demand guarantees for the work of defending human rights.

The Fund for Emergency Aid and Organizational Strengthening in Protection and Self-Protection – FFP -, an articulation of which the Center for Psychosocial Attention – CAPS -, Humanidad Vigente Corporación Jurídica, Asociación Cristiana Menonita para Justicia, Peace and Nonviolent Action – JUSTAPAZ – and the Latin American Institute for an Alternative Society and Law – ILSA -, has learned of the death threats against the life of MARÍA EUGENIA RAMIREZ BRISNEDA, director of ILSA, feminist and activist, and other women, leaders and defenders of human rights and women’s rights.

In a pamphlet of the self-styled Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia -AGC-, María Eugenia is threatened with death “for supporting the processes of the JEP” and “the organizations of victims of the armed conflict” announcing that “sooner or later we will kill them…”, ending the statements of the armed group with “we declare them a military objective…”.

We consider these intimidating acts as a serious event that threatens not only the integrity of María Eugenia but also the struggle for truth, justice and reparation that the compañera has been developing throughout her life in Colombian territory and currently in the search for the realization of the Havana agreements through the reports presented to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace – JEP – and demands for guarantees for women leaders and human rights defenders.

We call to denounce and reject this type of act that once again seeks to silence the voices of women human rights defenders; to demand that the Colombian State and its institutions adopt effective protection mechanisms that guarantee the ability to continue with the processes of defense of life without this representing any risk to those who develop it.

We express our total rejection to this type of intimidation and we surround María Eugenia with solidarity and fraternity. We urge our sister organizations to join this denunciation and to reiterate the demand to the Colombian State to diligently investigate these serious acts that are repeated due to the lack of justice. We also demand that effective protection guarantees be provided for the work of human rights defenders and that the measures established in the Integral Program of Guarantees for Women Leaders and Human Rights Defenders be implemented immediately.

“Because defending life is an inviolable Human Right”.

Download the Public Complaint in PDF in Spanish


  • Coordinating Committee – FFP –
  • Center for Psychosocial Attention – CAPS –
  • Humanidad Vigente Legal Corporation – HVCJ –
  • Mennonite Christian Association for Justice, Peace and Non-violent Action – JUSTAPAZ –
  • Latin American Institute for a Society and Law Alternatives – ILSA –


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